CFA's 23 Best Kitten for the 2016-17 show season

GC,NW Permarex Boogie Child of Jobara !!!!

(We are so proud of this little star! From our boy and Anita's girl came this little magical  princess that is pure joy ;) )

We are a small Devon Rex cattery based in Utah. My mother, Bobbi Irie began Jobara in the early 1980's and Jobara was known for beautiful Persians and Exotic Shorthairs. I am Jade Kleider, and together we make up Jobara Devon Rex. We are a mother/daughter team with a wealth of knowledge and experience, dedication and commitment.   Our kitty babies are hand-raised and nurtured in a loving environment with family and one little Chinese Crested! Our priority is to the health of our kitties and promoting the best of what Devons have to offer.  They are social and outgoing, inquisitive and precious. We pride ourselves in the special attention we are able to give each individual baby that we are blessed with. As a Tier Four Cattery of Distinctinction in CFA  we show competitively worldwide. We encourage those who are interested in learning more about Devon Rex cats, or those who are interested in adding a kitten to their family to come out and meet us at a show! We love to answer questions. We are active on our breed council, we are DRBC Members in good standing and have represented ourclub as DRBC Officers. Feel free to contact us by email at:       or