Drinking Pals, Abracadabra and Pookie (Brad and Mini)





Invisible bicycle!

Secret Lovers, Billy and American Short-hair Cookie from Howard Webster. She is sooo sweet!

Howie reach for the fishy!

Renesmee sucking up to CFA judges...or LICKING up?

Abracadabra stuck in a coat sleeve has turned himself into GLOW-Worm!

Coyote peeks at Doggie from safe vantage point. Courtesy of http://kuperberg.com/

Fantastic photographer and current Devon enthusiast!

That adorable Coyote!   http://kuperberg.com/

You put your right paw in, you put your right paw out.....    http://kuperberg.com/

Those beloved cat piles!

A lap-ful of Devons!

How many Devons does it take to steal your warm-spot in bed? One, two, three, four.....

Teresa says "Mama don't roll over!"