Super Siblings, Perfect Pairs, Happy Homes! Sometimes our babies after going to their forever homes are lucky enough to be blessed  with a perfect playmate! Most people agree that Devons are better in pairs because they are such social creatures. As much as we devote our every waking minute to them, nothing says I love you more than a snuggle mate. Here is a page devoted to perfect pairings! Thank you to all the forever homes that have blessed their babies with a SUPER sibling! If you have a Jobara Super Sibling that is not shown please send pictures in so we can include them on our page!!





Abracadabra (Brad) and Pookie (Mini)

snuggled together!








 Wall-E and his brother Tumbles, cuddled and sleeping soundly...zzzzz!











Rigby and little bro', Stanley, keeping warm in Idaho!